'Tobacco Control Programme'

Tobacco consumption is one such habit that is ironically referred as "AROMATIC" means of lining the pocket of manufacturer, the lungs, Oral cavity of the consumer and boxes of the undertaker. Chewing tobacco is more dangerous than smoking half an hour. Chewer ingests as much as nicotine in cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco is used in one of two forms either dipping Tobacco (snuff) or as rough cut chewing Tobacco. The most prevalent Oral manifestation of smokeless tobacco is a white mucosal lesion at the habitual site of Tobacco placement. In the recent days the habit of use of tobacco is spreading fast so much that even school going students are involved in this practice. The reason behind this is due to lack of Oral health awareness and poor economic status. Nearly 85% of head and neck cancer are associated with the use of tobacco and smoking. Head and neck cancer includes cancer of mouth, nose, throat, sinus, lymph node and salivary glades. This type of cancer can make it difficult to swallow food cause hoarseness of voice and persistent sore throat etc. Tobacco damage the membrane and soft skin of Oral cavity and digestive organ. There by forming ulcer which gradually develop into Cancer.

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The Sansthan also believes that the only way to ensure a better future for poor children (BPL) is by educating them. That is because education is both the means as well as the end, it empowers these children and evolves them as better citizen.


Pt. Jawahar Lal Neharu said - 'Child is the Future of the Nation'. And we can make the society better by providing them Education and jobs. Lack of Education, unawareness about various epidemic disease, water and air borne disease, Environmental pollutions are the few factor of our Nation crippling this dream.

India is a country of contracts, more than 70% of population lives in village and Education is not availab le at all levels. The only way to ensure a better future for this children is Educating them. There are lacs of village and slum children who needed and want to be Educated. To provide chances of higher & Technical Education for reserved comunity in under developed places.


Pollution Free Environment

a) Global warming is one of the largest problem today.

b) Lack of education on disposal of waste or recycling disposals is one of the major contributing factors for environmental Pollution.

c) By planting a single Tree individually can change the scenario of the nature

d) This is the responsibility of every individuals on the Earth to protect the environment.

And we can achieve this dream (Green Earth) by launching a proper awareness program through Education, cultural program, with the help of media, by motivating the people and road shows.

Our aim is to create Environmental awareness in society through educational programmes.

Environment Awareness among Rural &
      Urban people.
Soil & Water Conservation.
Wasteland Management.
Polution Monitoring & Management through


Promoting awareness regarding adverse effect of Tobacco in various form...
Child Health Education
Providing Tobacco intervention initiative training programme to Dental Surgeon and Health Professionals
Pollution Free Environment
Tree Plantation (plantation of saplings)
Anti Gutka Campaign (we never tell kids to smoke or chew Tobacco instead we Educate them and offer our help in kicking the habit)
Stop Cancer - Anti Tobacco Programme
EARLY DETECTION leads to cure - making people aware in terms of prevention "Prevention is Better than Cure